Why We Rebranded Framesfoundry?

Why We Rebranded Framesfoundry?

Why Did We Find The Need To Rebrand?

Rebranding is not an easy exercise. It requires a lot of soul searching and market research and we have spent countless hours asking ourselves the same questions over and over again. We went to our customers and asked them on how they perceived our brand. We wrote down our mission statement and went over it again and again. Finally we were able to put together a brief that our creative designers could work on.

Here are some questions that contributed towards putting together that brief:

  • How our existing brand comes across to customers?
  • Does it give the right impression?
  • Is our existing brand too intimidating? 
  • Does it reflect our products and services?
  • What is our USP?
  • What is the mission statement we stand behind?
  • Who is our customer? 
  • What do our customers need in the current situation with Covid-19?


Our Logo

The last few years have been a great learning curve for our team. We steadily built a loyal customer base which is happy with our products and services but we constantly felt that our brand was not fully reflecting our core values. We want to sell quality eyewear products backed by a reliable customer service. However, the bronze colour and sharp edges of our font in the old logo suggested that we were an exclusive and expensive brand. Not an image that we wanted to adhere to. Hence we did what is a really difficult thing to do in marketing, and that is rebrand.

Old Logo

Framesfoundry logo before rebranding

New Logo

Framesfoundry logo after rebranding

The bright, bold and refreshing colours combined with the new font, our new brand image will appeal to our consumers in the UK and abroad. The colours allow us to be more daring and open in our messaging to our customerbase.

New Website

With the rebrand, we have launched a new website with a highly optimised customer journey. The new website allows our customers to easily filter on frame colours, material, shape and many other options to quickly find the pair of glasses they are looking for. The product page is strategically designed to provide the information that will help you to select the style and size of glasses that you need. 

Perhaps our biggest feature is our custom order process. The moment you click on the Select Lenses button, we take you on a journey to personalise your glasses in four easy steps. With automation and business rules built in, we ensure you enter your prescription correctly, save it safely on our servers and also make suggestions on the lenses that will suit you. This is an area that we constanlty work on and improve. We have a detailed roadmap of exciting features and functionality that we plan to add to our website to make your online shopping experience an enjoyable one.

Rebrand Offer

We want to mark this milestone by offering our existing and new customers with 25% discount on any pair of glasses and lenses. All you have to do is enter the code below at checkout:

Rebrand promotion by Framesfoundry